Michal Čihař - Dictionaries for StarDict


As I like StarDict much, I decided to hack scripts that will convert some useful dictionaries to it's format.

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Available dictionaries

English-Czech dictionary for StarDict

Daily snapshots of GNU/FDL Anglicko-Český slovník.

German-Czech dictionary for StarDict

Daily snapshots of Česko-německý GNU/FDL slovník.

Czech foreign words dictionary for StarDict

Daily snapshots of ABZ.cz: slovník cizích slov.

Dicts.info dictionaries

Dicts.info website provide variety of dictionaries. You can download them there, but they prohibit further distribution, so I can not provide prebuilt dictionaries here. However you can download conversion tool bellow and use it to do conversion yourself.


Unpack downloaded file content to a directory where StarDict looks for dictionaries (/usr/share/stardict/dic by default, or ~/.stardict/dic, or C:\Program files\stardict\dic\ on Windows, or /opt/gtk/usr/share/stardict/dic on Mac OS X).


You can download builds from download server.

Debian GNU/Linux users can use non-free section on any Debian mirror for monthly releases or daily builds in my APT repository.

RPM based distributions can find packages in Education project in the openSUSE Build Service.

If you want to create package for your favorite distribution, you might be interested in "stable" builds which are added each month.


Development uses Git as a version control system.

Bug reports

Use GitHub issue tracker for reporting bugs. You can provide patches there as well.

Support this project

Do you like this project? You can contribute to it either using your work (patches are welcome) or you can donate to the author.