Michal Čihař - KAlcatel


This software is not maintained anymore, so please use Wammu instead. You will also get more features, stability and supported phones.

KAlcatel is program for KDE (K Desktop Environment) 3.x (KDE 2.x was supported till 0.3.1) to manage Alcatel 50x or 70x phone (only 501 is currently tested). It is known to work on Linux, but as well it may work anywhere where KDE 3.x work. Please report me other systems where KAlcatel works (you are also welcome to make binary packages for that system).

If you want to be informed about future releases, you can subscribe on freshmeat.

KAlcatel has also page on sourceforge: sourceforge.net/projects/kalcatel/, you can use it for bugpreporting, sending comments and patches and also as download mirror.

There is also command line utility and library called AlcaSync exposing access to Alcatel phones.


Read and write support for:

Saving, loading and merging of stored items.

Version 0.3 adds long awaited write and editing support. And also many other new features:



Development uses Git as a version control system.

Bug reports

Use GitHub issue tracker for reporting bugs. You can provide patches there as well.

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