Michal Čihař - GePeS


I'm sorry, but this software is not maintained anymore.

Various GPS and compass based tools for Nokia N9 (Harmattan). It supports displaying of GPS coordinates, speed, sun rise and sun set for current location, moon phase, compass and so on.

Currently supported features:

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You can install current binary from Nokia Store.

You can download sources for current version 0.3.0:


Development uses Git as a version control system.

Bug reports

Use GitHub issue tracker for reporting bugs. You can provide patches there as well.


You can translate GePeS to your language on translation server. Should your language be missing, please let me know.


Please send your ideas for improvements or contributions directly to the author - Michal Čihař.

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Do you like this project? You can contribute to it either using your work (patches are welcome) or you can donate to the author.